pixelpeppy is Despina Papadopoulos

Community Innovation in Ghana

The question was: how do you involve communities to incentivize to support women seeking pre and neo-natal care? How does behavioural change come about? How do you identify “positive deviants,” ensure that you don’t confuse symptoms for root causes, and constantly keep your assumptions on check?

Concern International secured a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to come up with innovative solutions for solving the most extreme problems in maternal and infant health developed with the communities most affected by them.

We worked with Concern to design and facilitate a series of workshops in NY and Ghana to solicit input from subject matter experts as well as in-country community-based organizations to develop a framework where ideas could be tested and prototyped.  We created material and authored white papers to communicate and disseminate the project’s approach and design methodology both to the communities involved, subject-matter experts and the funders alike. Hard questions to wicked problems, and it does indeed take a village…