pixelpeppy is Despina Papadopoulos

Material implications: Hug Jackets

The HugJackets are part of an ongoing exploration of technology as materiality, social functionality and non verbal-communication.

An intricate quilted pattern made of conductive fabric is sewn on the front of each jacket. When two people wearing a HugJacket embrace they power each other up through that pattern. The symbolic energy transfer becomes fully actualized and the embrace is instantly translated into an explosion of light and sound.

The HugJackets technology itself is astonishingly simple – it is the intricate patterning and placement of the conductive fabric that allows for the surprising connection and effect to take place. The two jackets, through their twined pattern, literally plug into each other’s battery source.

Here, technology is explored as a material surface that enables new ways of connecting and being connected with both others and technology itself.


The HugJackets were part of Touch me: Design and Sensation, at the V&A Museum, London, 2005.