pixelpeppy is Despina Papadopoulos

Alive like Stylefree companions

Stylefree offers a new way for people to have an active relationship with their garments.

A scarf that transcends style, age and seasons breathes gently as it rests on your chest and heat tingles your neck. The more you wear your Stylefree scarf the more alive it becomes: its breathing pattern changes over time, heating up around your neck and adapting to how you wear and engage with it. As soon as you pick up your Stylefree scarf it becomes alive, prodding you to engage with it and acknowledge its presence, whether resting on your neck or keeping you company by your desk.

Nothing on the scarf betrays its technology as all elements are seamlessly integrated into its design. Reframing what our relationship with both fashion and technology can be, Stylefree provides moments of comfort, mindfulness and awareness and asks us to take a moment to reflect, be present and re-appropriate our relationship with technological artifacts.

Stylefree is conceived and produced by Principled Design in collaboration with Bless and Umbrellium to push the boundaries between the meaningful integration of design, craft, electronics and what we consider the limits of these practices to be.

Directed by Principled Design
Garment Design by Bless
Mechanical and interaction design engineered by Umbrellium
Additional hardware and EE design by Deqing Sun and Peiqi Su
E-textile development by Principled Design
With Support from Plot

Stylefree was funder by WEARsustain as part of EU’s Horizon 2020 program.